Rebloggable version-Why Moon Moon should not be viewed as offensive!

Rebloggable version just incase anybody wants to share this:

Firstly, I would not say I created the meme! Sure, I started it, but when I did that I had a small follower count who were mostly my friends and would not care or be offended by anything I said! I used the ‘retarded’ slur without even thinking, or associating it with people who are mentally disabled. So when I said ‘I’d be the most retarded wolf’ I did NOT mean the most disabled wolf! I meant it as in, the silliest, crazy, a bit idiotic wolf. I know what ‘retarded’ originally means, but I feel it’s stemmed a few other meanings. I can assure you guys the majority of people when reading that did not come straight to the conclusion of ‘Oh! Moon Moon is mentally disabled’

That being said, yes I DO regret using that word. I really did use it without thinking and I apologise like crazy. I couldn’t apologise enough!

Also, I’d like to raise to y’all that the fact that Moon Moon acts stupid in the meme pictures, and is sort of shunned by his/her pack-is NOT because ‘oh Moon Moon is disabled so their pack hates them LOL’. No no no. Let’s put this into other references. How about Ed from The Lion King. He is CLEARLY supposed to be a little ‘special’ in the head isn’t he? Way more than Moon Moon is represented as. But people don’t take offence from Ed, because he’s a loveable FICTIONAL CHARACTER (I cannot stress that part enough) who everybody seems to love, which is EXACTLY the same as Moon Moon. 

Also, be aware that I did not exactly create the meme. I posted the original comment, which sparked the meme, but that is as far as I went. I didn’t characterise Moon Moon, I just came up with the concept! The rest of the community characterised him/her, added speech, drew fan art, wrote fan fiction etc. So if anybody IS characterising Moon Moon as mentally disabled, you really can’t blame me! They’ve got the wrong end of the stick and I had no say in how they chose to interpret the character, if anybody is offended by a Moon Moon post, go and tell the owner of it, not me!

So to conclude, Moon Moon the ditzy wolf, and Moon Moon the ‘mentally retarded’ wolf are NOT the same thing, and the major majority of people involved in the ‘fandom’ have not chosen the latter to interpret Moon Moon! Yes, the latter is offensive and the people who post that sort of interpretation (for example the Facebook page named ‘Moon Moon the autistic wolf’) SHOULD be reminded that, Moon Moon should not be presented in that way as it does offend others, and that is something I certainly don’t like that is happening! 

Hope that clears things up! Any more questions, feel free to ask away! 

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